VIEW SOUTH HOLDING S.A. / brokerage trading international business Company formed by professionals with extensive experience, contacts and knowledge in international business to offer the best service of excellence in food provision in the region for the world. We have agreements linked to large companies in different parts of the world, which we successfully managed to link buyers and sellers in the business of different products and services. Our EXPERTISE is to make and successfully achieve the best business management to satisfy our customers.

We interact with different destinations: EU, China, Korea, Vietnam, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Central America, Caribbean, Africa, among others.

Comprehensive service of food provision in the region
Comprehensive service of food provision in the region

Position and consolidate our service of exclusivity and excellence according to the needs of each client. Make a business management with personalized monitoring to satisfy the maximum and guarantee the provision of products in any destination in the world.

Provide our know-how available to our customers and suppliers backed by procedures of the ICC (International Chambers of Commerce) contributing to conduct business in a timely manner.

Our products and businesses par excellence are:

  • Provision of export chickens origin South America.
  • GMO / Non-GMO export soybeans from Argentina and Brazil.
  • Oils and derivatives.
  • Flours and derivatives.
  • Premium wine line.
  • Great diversity of products according to your need.

Provision of chicken, soybean, oils and derivatives, flours and derivatives and premium wine line

Commercial offices

Buenos Aires:

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1150.

Puerto Madero. C1107 AAR

Oficina 306 A.

Tel: + 54 9 11 64721788

Tel: + 54 9 351 6577778

Daniel Arab Cohen


Nicolás Speranza Olmos



Av. Luiz Manoel Gonzaga 351.

Porto Alegre. CEP: 90470 280.

Oficina 204.

Tel: + 55 51 3328 1379

Tel: + 55 51 9845 50017

Fernando Dos Santos



East 53rd Street, Marbella. Panama, Republic of Panama.

Humboldt Tower.

2nd Floor.


European Union
International Chamber of Commerce
Halal Certification Agency
ISO 9001 System Certification
100% Kosher Quality Product Certified
Kosher Food
Ceres Certified
Servicio nacional de sanidad y calidad alimentaria